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You can also see the age care facility, the brand new Opal Age Care facility on the corner there, the H-shaped building, which is a really important part of our offering that we're rolling out across the Company -- across the business where we can. So onto the results. I'm very pleased with the progress we're making with this business. Really these results reflect the strategies and the work we've been talking to you now about for the last 3.5 years. We continue to grow operating profit, we continue to improve our cash returns from the business, and at the same time, set the business up for the medium term and the long term. You can see from the results that our margins have improved significantly across the period. Margins will move around a bit period-on-period subject to contract mix and product mix and the type of stock we have available, but the growth in those margins of nearly 200 basis points is really underpinned by the operational efficiencies we've introduced into the business over the last three years. Our focus on reducing costs and reducing time it takes us to deliver our renovations in our units and improving the quality of those renovations is really flowing through to our margins now. A big part of what we're doing is reshaping and improving the quality of the portfolio. Part of that involves the sale of low returning non-core villages, and we've done some of that this year and part of it involves the sale of land superlot sites, so we can deliver more age care facilities across our portfolio. This is a normal part of our business, has been for a number of years and we'll continue to be so into the future as we reshape the portfolio.

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